English Enrichment Classes for Kindergarten

English enrichment classes for Kindergarten expand students’ confidence, enthusiasm, and skills in reading, writing and speaking to give them a head-start for primary school. We instil the love of reading and learning while developing conversational and social skills through peer-to-peer book review activities.  Learning outcomes are also achieved through lessons’ focus on simple sentence structuring, phonics, reading comprehension, cloze and sequencing skills.

Kindergarten 1 & 2

In Kindergarten 1 & 2, the learning objectives include

Developing early sentence writing skills by guiding students to experiment with print.

Building confidence and nurtures independence in reading, writing, spoken English and peer interaction.

Guiding early attempts at spelling and letter formation by reinforcing phonic use, encouraging self expression and developing vocabulary.

Phonics activities which enhances pronunciation, develops letter-sound / letter-name association, promotes knowledge of letter groupings and word formation.

Forming sequencing skills through picture sequencing which enhances understanding of story, develops students’ knowledge of story structure, enhances prediction skills and reading visual clues.

Emergent spelling activities which improve confidence and independence in ability to write fluently, thus allowing smooth transfer from thought into print and encouraging phonic use.

Themes include ‘Food’ and ‘Circus & Clowns’ for K1 students. For K2 students, themes include ‘Clothes & Shopping’ and ‘Bears & Panda’.