English Enrichment Classes for Secondary

Our Secondary English Enrichment Classes guide students to attain greater understanding of world events and a solid mastery of English as required to ace the ‘O’ Level Singapore exams. We challenge students to enhance their critical thinking and analytical skills by increasing their exposure to a wide array of complex text and topics. With a curriculum designed in consultation with MOE experts, students acquire the key skills necessary for proficient composition writing and tackling higher level comprehension questions.

Secondary 1 & 2

At Secondary 1 & 2, the programme objectives are focused on

Reinforcing correct pronunciation techniques, enhancing expression and intonation for effective communications.

Enhancing students’ levels of articulation, expression and interaction during class presentations, group discussions, public speaking and debates.

Developing listening skills and modelling appropriate language structures.

Building summary writing skills to be able to write coherent summaries within the word limit.

Exposure to a variety of texts to nurture a critical approach to reading and understanding, thereby developing critical thinking skills.

Exposure to various writing styles inclusive of articles, letters, reports, narratives, websites and posters through the use of language appropriate for specific purposes.

Teaching students appropriate methods and strategies for note-taking and consolidating knowledge for exam revisions.

Developing the students’ skills and aptitude for visual, narrative, non-narrative and listening comprehension.

Themes include ‘The Media’ and ‘The Magic of Celluloid’.

Secondary 3 & 4

At Secondary 3 & 4, the programme objectives are focused on 

Putting in place the foundation required to prepare for the O-Level examinations by honing their competence in comprehension, oral, composition and summary writing.

Developing students’ ability to produce composition writing in various MOE text types with richer vocabulary and a variety of sentence structure based on apt essay plans.

Boosting students’ writing of coherent and effective summaries by knowing correct paraphrasing and editing techniques within given word limits.

Enhancing students’ understanding of inferential meanings and identify clues from various topical text types to prepare for challenging comprehension questions.

Students’ ability to speak on various topics in a clear and expressive manner and augmented with a wide general knowledge.

Learning, revision, exam and time management strategies.

Themes include ‘Saving the Planet’ and ‘Comedy.