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English enrichment classes for primary school students are designed to achieve the desired learning outcomes for English language proficiency established by Singapore’s Ministry of Education, setting students on the path to academic and holistic accomplishments. To ensure the progressive development of learning needs, our English enrichment tuition programme centre around the literacy and language demands that students face at the Lower Primary, Middle Primary & Upper Primary levels. In addition to schooling needs, we ensure a well-rounded approach to education by cultivating the foundational development of critical thinking, effective communications and confidence in primary school students through various class activities.

Singapore Good English Tuition Centre For Primary

As students embark on their learning journey in primary school, we focus on building the foundational experience and enjoyment of English language learning. As they enter primary 2, students are prepared for challenges ahead through the development of independence in learning and exposure to the rigours of academic assessment.

Primary 1

In Primary 1, the learning objectives for students are to

Achieve familiarity with classroom setting.

Learn fundamentals of sentence structure, such as capitals and full stops.

Be able to identify the verbs, nouns and adjectives in sentences.

Develop confidence in reading and speaking aloud.

These objectives are achieved through challenging but enjoyable worksheets as well as entertaining stories.

Themes include: School, Friends and Dinosaurs.

Primary 2

In Primary 2, the learning objectives for students are to

Begin to write own stories.

Expand vocabulary.

Understand the basics of cloze activities.

Attain independence in comprehension.

These objectives are achieved through guided composition writing, engaging stories, educational and entertaining videos as well as focused worksheets.

Themes include: Birds, Space and Monsters.

English Tuition Centre For Primary Singapore

At Middle primary, we cultivate good techniques for improved comprehension skills through a wide variety of texts and expand their vocabulary to include technical, discipline-specific and ‘all-purpose’ academic words. Exposure to wider writing styles, genres and correct techniques nurture students’ creative writing and composition skills. Our educators also progressively impart pre-exam skills aligned with academic requirements.

Primary 3

In Primary 3, the programme objectives are for students to be able to

Learn the basics of situational writing.

Form more complex synthesis and transformation of grammar and vocabulary.

Write compositions with at least 3 to 4 paragraphs.

These objectives are achieved through rigorous planning of compositions, careful instruction of letter and email writing as well as helpful worksheets combined with expert teaching.

Themes include African Animals, Reptiles and Pirates.

Primary 4

In Primary 4, the programme objectives are for students to be able to

Expand sentences, ideas and vocabulary for composition writing.

Excel at more detailed situational writing.

Read aloud with greater expression and variety of tone.

Attain more detailed focus of intricacies of English grammar.

Achieve familiarity with different texts to provide growth in reading aloud.

These objectives are achieved through the study of exceptional writing as well as constant exposure to detailed explanations of grammar and vocabulary.

Themes include Solar System, Whales and Robots.

Good English Tuition Centre For Primary

Progressing into the upper primary levels, we further hone students’ understanding and proficiencies in the various language components of grammar rules and vocabulary. Students are equipped with essential skills to be able to demonstrate mastery at composition writing, comprehension and cloze passages.

We develop good PSLE skills, reinforce acquired knowledge by focusing on the synthesis of multiple language skills acquired, as well as inculcate effective learning, exam and time management strategies.

Primary 5

In Primary 5, the learning objectives for students include

Introduction to PSLE style questions.

Tips and tricks to tackle those tough cloze passages.

Experimentation of style when writing compositions.

Exposure to a variety of texts for enhanced contextualization and vocabulary acquisition.

Developing inferential skills

These objectives are achieved through guided instruction and peer learning.
Themes include Rome, Castles and Endangered Creatures

Primary 6

In Primary 6, the learning objectives for students include

Strategies & Preparation for PSLE.

Consolidation of all learnt skills and knowledge.

Enhancing composition, comprehension, listening and oral skills to empower students to approach examinations confidently.

Introduction to secondary school skills.

We achieve these objectives through rigorous practice yet enjoyable enrichment tuition classes, exposure to regular exam style texts, engaging themes that centre around Singapore’s MOE syllabus, skilled teaching as well as teaching students how to learn from mistakes.
Themes include Qin and the Great Wall, Ancient Egypt and Greek Myths.

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