How Do Enrichment Classes Boost Your Child’s Learning?

It is a nationwide debate: Should parents send their kids to tuition, or not? In kiasu Singapore, many parents find extra classes a necessity rather than an optional supplement. No longer is tuition just for the struggling kids; an increasing number of kids who have average or above-average grades are joining tuition classes to further boost their performance.

If your child has entered primary school, you may be wondering whether your kids need tuition. Or perhaps the question should be: When should they start?

We would say: it is never too early to begin. Tuition and enrichment classes are available islandwide for children starting in kindergarten, for all imaginable subjects and skills. For example, you can easily find English writing course in Singapore for students, no matter what level of learning they are at. These classes don’t just help children to improve in a subject and excel at it academically, but can also be excellent opportunities for character-building and socialising. To know more about how enrichment centres can benefit your child, read on!

Enrichment classes boost motivation

Although tuition classes often conjure up images of cram schools and intense practice questions, enrichment classes for children are anything but that. Learning centres that know their stuff will be well-versed in catering their services to children through interactive activities and a nurturing environment. When learning is made enjoyable through fun and games, it boosts a child’s motivation and interest to learn. In a good tuition class, students who enter with a disdain for the subject often leave with a newfound love for it.

Furthermore, tuition classes are an opportunity for socialising with peers of the same age. As children make new friends in their class, these friendships can also be a motivator for continually going for classes.

Enrichment classes equip your child with exam skills

The primary purpose of tuition is to enhance students’ knowledge of a particular subject, and potentially push up their grades. Thus, in addition to teaching about the subject, tuition classes often focus on imparting exam skills as well. For example, students will learn how to structure their answers and include the right keywords to earn marks, how to read and respond to different question types, and how to manage their time in the exams.

In the exams, being knowledgeable is not enough – students need to know how to give examiners what they are looking for. Experienced tutors will know the tips and tricks of the industry to train up the required skills to help students excel in the exams.

Enrichment classes develop work-ready skills

Interactive and engaging enrichment classes are great avenues for building up confidence and communication skills in young children. With a smaller class size than in most schools, enrichment classes for children allow for more classroom participation in a less intimidating setting. Young learners can benefit from these opportunities to develop speaking and listening skills, which are key abilities that will follow them to higher education and in the workforce.

Enrichment classes cater to different learners

Most schools employ a lecture-style of teaching for the majority of the time. However, at enrichment classes, teachers can utilise more varied ways of teaching to engage children with different learning styles. Thus, you may find them watching educational videos or acting out stories across different days.

The intimate setting of enrichment classes also means teachers can give each child more attention during the span of the classes. As every individual comes with their own learning style, developmental needs, and learning goals, this personalised attention is necessary to help every child make the most out of the enrichment class. When teachers get to know each learner better, they can also communicate better with parents regarding the child’s progress.

With the numerous benefits of enrichment classes for children, there is little reason not to sign your child up for a class early in their education journey. Give your child a boost in their learning with exciting and educational classes that are made just for them.

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