How To Choose The Right Tuition Class For Your Child

In Singapore’s competitive education landscape, tuition is almost regarded as a necessity. Parents who can afford it will spare no costs to send their children to the best learning centres for extra-curricular classes. The popularity of tuition classes here will explain the vast array of tuition centres and courses available islandwide – be it tuition franchises or private home tutors. But this brings us to the big question: how should one go about choosing a tutor for their child?

To help you in your search for the right tutor for your child, here are some key things you should consider:

1. Class size

Most tuition centres conduct classes in groups. However, this group size can range widely, with some having groups of no more than 10 students, and some having 20 over students in a class. Although large group classes typically have cheaper fees, small class sizes are usually more coveted. With fewer students in the class, the tutor can give more attention to each student to cater to each individual’s learning needs.

2. Testimonials

Every tuition centre will market themselves as the best tuition centre, so it usually isn’t much help to just look at their website or brochures. To find out about the true experience of those who have gone through the classes, you should be looking at reviews and student testimonials. Look for reviews on online forums, Google or Facebook, or through recommendations from friends or relatives. If students and parents share the same sentiments that a tutor is competent and likeable, that adds credibility to the tuition centre.

3. Connection with learners

Although the primary role of a tutor is to improve students’ knowledge and grades, an excellent tutor will also do this through nurturing and encouraging methods. Rather than finding a tutor that only crams students with lectures and practice papers, you will want to find a tutor that is genuine and approachable. You won’t know this unless you sit in a class, so the best way to find out if the tutor has a heart for students is by looking at student testimonials. These type of teachers will be well-raved by students for the impact they have – not just on boosting grades, but also on their morale.

4. Teaching style

Not all learners are the same – most learners fall into one of four categories depending on the way they learn best. These categories include visual learners, kinesthetic learners, verbal learners, and auditory learners. For a child to learn effectively, they need to be exposed to teaching stimuli and study methods that align with their learning type. For example, a kinesthetic learner will find it easier to remember concepts using hand symbols and actions. In contrast, a visual learner will find graphics like videos and flowcharts effective in helping them learn. If you know your child’s learning style, it will be beneficial to find a learning centre that utilises the corresponding methods to teach students. However, in the event you are unsure, you can look for a learning centre that employs a variety of teaching methods.

There is no doubt that there is an abundance of excellent tuition and enrichment centres in Singapore that caters to different learners and needs. Whether you are looking for a good English tuition centre for primary level children, or a well-reputed tutor for your secondary school teen, we hope these tips will guide you to making a well-informed choice that’s best for you and your child!

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