How do we help your child achieve their goals?

Dear Parents,

Over the years, we have heard from many parents who feel that learning a language should be mechanical and systematic. They believe that learning English is about continuously practicing quizzes, memorizing grammar rules and writing stacks of essays – or, doing past year exam papers laboriously. The issue with this learning approach is that these tasks are all associated with rote learning which is a memorization and learning technique based on repetition. This method of learning might work for subjects such as Science and Mathematics, but not for learning a language, especially English.

Rote learning often takes away meaning and context from language, which makes it challenging for a child to develop awareness for the appropriate usage of language rules.

Instead of studying just to pass an examination and then not retaining the information learned, it is important for your child to have a deeper understanding in order to have a firm foundation in English. At Morris Allen English, we will provide your child with a strong foundation in English, which means your child will have a good grasp of Grammar and sentence structure. This will go a long way in his/her life because other aspects of language such as Vocabulary and the ability to express complex thoughts will naturally follow.

Hence, in the best interests of your child, we look at both long-term and short-term goals. We believe that while it is important to help your child achieve good grades, it is also our goal to make learning fun and interesting so that your child is spurred on to reach their full potential.

How do we help your child achieve their goals?

We teach using a whole language approach so that learning is context embedded and meaningful. By learning language in such a way, your child will remember concepts taught and retain them for years to come.

This is why we have a reading programme that will encourage your child to borrow three books to read for homework. We do not assign them any extra homework due to the sole reason that they have plenty of homework from school.

At the start of every lesson, we will do a variety of book reviews with them and have them convey their ideas to their peers. This will empower them with confidence to speak in front of an audience. It will also be a good indication of their comprehension level. After which, we can guide them based on their current level.

Soon, as they build up their passion for the subject, they will be encouraged to explore more topics on their own. They will begin to do active learning and will start reading, writing, discussing and solving problems independently.

Here at Morris Allen English – we develop five key skills in your child:

These skills that we equip your child with will help them be confident learners and achieve goals that they have set for themselves.

In Secondary Schools, Junior Colleges and Universities, there will be presentations, oral examinations, essays and General Papers to write. This is why a strong foundation in English is critical to help your child achieve long-term academic success.

However, achieving academic success is not the sole reason as to why we are developing these five skills with them. Beyond just educational qualifications, employers today are often looking for valuable soft skills in their employees. Morris Allen English achieves meaningful learning; an approach that develops soft skills like Critical Thinking. According to Forbes, 9 out of 10 of the most sought after careers regard Critical Thinking as the most crucial skill to possess. A well-rounded approach develops your child for the long run, beyond just examinable skills on paper.

The figure above compares the rate of learning for two different methods: meaningful learning and rote learning. Meaningful learning takes a while to pick up, but the rate of learning progressively increases over time. In contrast, rote learning is effective in the short term, but rate of learning goes downhill consistently.

A study by Joseph Novak (Cornell University) shows that without any motivation and positive reinforcement, interference with learning easily occurs, and the rate of learning decreases significantly. With meaningful learning, interest in the topic brings out a progressively faster rate of learning. Nurturing the joy of learning brings out a self-sustaining passion to improve for life.

We wish all children great success with their tests, examinations, adulthood and beyond.


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