Our nursery 2 lessons immerse children in an experiential and positive learning environment designed for a holistic discovery of the English language. Through fun and engaging activities, our educators impart strong foundational skills in spoken English, reading, writing, thinking & interacting. We achieve learning outcomes by cultivating phonemic awareness, word recognition, visual & aural discrimination, peer interaction, communications & fine motor skills.

Nursery 2

In Nursery 2, the learning objectives include

Being able to talk freely, answer questions, ask questions, relate stories to peers and teacher and engage in formal talks with pictures, books and about familiar topics.

Helping students to appreciate books for enjoyment and models correct procedure for reading.

Familiarising students with common words within a text, encouraging listening and correct pronunciation and developing the auditory skills necessary to discriminate between sounds.

Developing phonemic awareness by students listening to sounds of the English language and recognising them both visually and aurally in books, poems and rhymes.

Guiding pre-reading as well as pre-writing by helping children recognise familiar words and read back what they have said.

Themes include ‘Dinosaurs’ and ‘Balloons & Bubbles’.