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English Enrichment Classes for Kindergarten

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  • K1
    Kindergarten 1
  • K2
    Kindergarten 2

Our Kindergarten 1 and 2 English enrichment programmes expand learners’ confidence, enthusiasm, and skills in reading, writing and speaking to give them a head-start for primary school. We instil the love of reading with shared book reading and our lessons focus on phonics, grammar, reading comprehension, cloze and sentence structure.

In our Kindergarten 1 programme, your child will be supported in developing the fundamentals of the English language. Through shared book reading, as well as opportunities to practice writing and speaking, your child will gain confidence in using the language.

Our Kindergarten 2 programme prepares your child for formal education in primary schools by nurturing their curiosity in the English language. Your child will develop a love of the language though lessons full of fun and meaningful activities like shared book reading and practising phonics, grammar and writing sentences.